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Consultation Fees

Upon contact to schedule a consultation, we will advise you of the consultation fees. Please note that the services Dr Kahane provides is not a bulk-billing practice for consultations. As such, you will be responsible for any medical fees that are not covered by Medicare.

Please note that consultation fees are based on the AMA (Australian Medical Association) recommended fee structure.

Surgical Fees

Once it has been determined that you require surgery, we will then explain the fees involved in the procedure and provide you with an estimate of fees. The financial area can often be the most confusing part of the surgery, however we will offer assistance in clarifying each area involved.

Dr Kahane uses the AMA (Australian Medical Association) recommended fee structure as a guide for the fees charged. This means that in most instances, there will be a portion of your surgical fee which will not be covered by Medicare or your Private Health Fund.

Please note that when you have surgery, there are other fees involved including the Anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital fee (Hospital Health Fund excess payment, pathology services, radiology services and pharmacy medications.) You will need to contact the Anaesthetist, the hospital, and your Private Health Fund for an estimate of fees or payable excesses.

If you have any questions about our fees, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 0755300770


Trauma Surgery


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Medico-Legal Services


Dr Kahane specialises in treating a range of hip and knee problems along with general orthopaeduc trauma

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